Monday, February 1, 2016

BBM T-Shirt


  • To use creative problem-solving skills to design a t-shirt for an annual tennis tournament that raises money for the Cancer Community Center of Maine;
  • To understand the importance of being involved in a real-life, authentic learning experience.

During the process of creating the designs for the T-shirt I encountered a few problems. One of the problems I faced was trying to incorporate a strong female image in my first and forth design. I decided to do what a lot of other kids were doing and made a colored female tennis player. How ever I didn't want to completely copy the idea so I made the women one color and the tennis racket another. I also put a square in the background to make it more visually appealing. And for my third design I didn't want to put in the same thing but a different position so I colored it differently to outline the clothes and the skin.

I think my successes when woking through the process was varied. When making the designs I worked to try to make them original, which was hard. I also think that the placement of the words and the image was something I did well. I tried to work with the negative space, because there weren't many words, and make something that drew people's eyes to the title of the event. I also tried to incorporate all the colors to make the title and image relate in a way. All together I think I did well, but that's my opinion.

In the end I was very happy with the results. Not all the designs looked identical in layout which is something I was very worried about. And on the back I also made the logos work with the words so it didn't look like I just slapped them on in the last minute. The design it self looks different in contrast to other past t-shirts done. The project was for a great cause and I am happy I was able to be apart of it.

Artworks that I am the most proud

I think that through out this class the art work I am most proud of is the Linoleum prints. I'm proud because that was the most difficult project for me in this class. During the carving of them I was very frustrated and overwhelmed by not being able to get it just the way I wanted it to be. Another difficult part was making the paint even in the print. It was very disconcerting when one plays would have more paint than another. At times I wanted to just turn in a kind-of-good print, but I kept making more and handed in some very decent prints. The project really pushed me to make the best I could do.

The most memorable experiences of the semester would have to be the Unsung hero project and the Adjective Designs. The Unsung hero project not only let us create a piece of art that represent a person, but it let us take a look into the past and learn about these amazing people who did amazing things. I remember getting so inspired and kind of honored to be making a something like this. Then there was the Adjective Designs. Not only was it one of our first assignments but it was truly a fun activity. I personally love working with negative and positive space so it impacted me a lot and made me have a great feeling going into this this class.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lino Prints


  • To become familiar with basic printmaking history, processes, and artists
  • To make connections among artists from our past and present who worked using this method;
  • To respond visually to printmaking artists by creating  editions of prints, using linoleum;  
  • To print 2 editions of 2 different drawings/designs, demonstrating understanding of the printmaking process.

There were many difficulties during the project. One of the most difficult ones were making sure the paint was evenly distributed. I had to really focus to get it even, which took some time. There were also times were I got extremely frustrated over it not being even and just wanted to work with a kind of good print, but eventually there were some prints that were rather decent.

Overall I have to say the thing I'm most proud of in this assignment is how even know I got frustrated I did not give up. Even though there were aspects that I didn't particularly enjoy, I thought that it was an interesting and unique experience. I am proud of the prints that I made however I do believe that they could've been improved.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Printmaking History, Processes, and Artists

Print making is the process of making multiple copies of a an original art piece. This way of printing was what people used to advertise, get a massage around, and in many more things. It was amazingly useful before the camera. There are different kinds like Woodblock, were you carve out wood, and Etching, where you scratch metal. There is also Lithography which is etched out of stone, and Linotype which is made out of linoleum which is the type we will be doing.
Mount FujiCreated: 1 January 1830 by Katsushika Hokusai

Self-portrait, By Rembrandt, c.1630

Saint Jerome in his Study LACMA M.2012.31 (1 of 2).jpg
Saint Jerome in his StudyAlbrecht Dürer, , 1514.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CD Cover and Back

  • To use knowledge and tools of Photoshop, along with conceptual design elements, Font, Color, & Layout to create a CD cover & back.

The song I choose to do is Rise by Skillet. I choose to have the main focus to be on the fist. A fist represents revolution which is basically what the song is about. I also wanted the background to have red in it because red is the color of victory in my opinion. However I didn’t want to be plain red. I tried vertical and horizontal lines but those didn’t really look good. I eventually did lines going outward to have it sort of bring your eyes toward the fist. I used a limited color pallet.

At first I had thick lines but that looked to much like the japanese WWII flag. You can understand why I couldn’t use that. So I thinned out the lines. For the back I didn’t know how I was going to do with the titles of songs. The oval I did was also not well done. After listening to feedback, I really liked Chloe's idea. It let the oval become a circle and it also left room for me to put in the credits in (I forgot to put them in).

While working in making the sketch I realized that I didn’t just wanted a fist and lines. I wanted to put a circle around it to make a sort of shield. Even if someone people don’t think it looks particularly good, I really like it and feel it compliments the fist. I also like how the colors contrast with each other. I also like how the fist on the front and back are different sides. I am really proud overall of the CD cover and back.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


  • To engage in a meaningful, authentic project and to have the opportunity to have your work selected for publication (in print and/or on their web site);
  • To use strong conceptual skills to re-design a flyer/poster for the LMC/ArtEffect Project;
  • To continue to develop understanding of Photoshop tools and work space;

Monday, November 30, 2015

CD Planning

The song I am going to use to base the cover on is Rise by Skillet. The song is about revolting against a society that wants to appress ones individuality. It is rock and there has a power behind it that make the ton say you should stand up for your beliefs. Some words that represent ideas of the song are 'Rise' and 'Revolution'. Some images that represent ideas of this song are:
Primary colors
Secondary colors
Monochromatic Design

Bold use of color
Primarily black and white